Coalition Partners

The #AfghanEvac coalition is home to more than 180 organizations. Some organizations choose not to be listed for operational security reasons. Members who have opted into public acknowledgement are listed below. 

Afghanistan - U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council
Afghan Refugee Relief & Aid
Afghan Scout Relief
Allied Shepherd
Commercial Task Force (COMTF)
Darul Aman Project
Digital Dunkirk
Female & Free Speech Airlift
Georgetown International Business & Policy Research Team
Operation Eagle
Operation Freedom Birds
Operation Rescue
Operation Sacred Promise
Operation Snow Leopard
Peace Direct
Sustainable Smiles
Task Force Argo
Task Force Melmastya
Task Force Nyx
Task Force Pineapple
Transferra Media
Tufts Fletcher School Afghan Evacuation Group
Vets Organize CNY
Warrior Angels Rescue
Women's Regional Network