Media Coverage

Afghan Evacuees fear losing US support

Akmal Dawi, Voice of America

May 20, 2022

Elected officials in San Diego declare support for Afghan refugee bill

Andrew Dyer, San Diego Union Tribune

February 26, 2022

Afghan refugees in UAE protest at halt to U.S. evacuation process

Alexander Cornwell, Reuters

February 10, 2022

U.S. faces snag in bid to speed up at-risk Afghan evacuations

Jonathan Landay and Ted Hesson, Reuters

February 3, 2022

The Betryal

George Packer, The Atlantic

January 31, 2022

Afghan evacuation flights to resume with streamlined process

James R. Webb, Military Times

January 27, 2022

What really happened in Afghanistan

Jason Kander, Majority 54 Podcast

December 30, 2021

Afghan evacuation effort earns White House support with help of San Diego veteran

By Andrew Dyer, San Diego Union Tribune

December 24, 2021

Veterans Make Demands for Afghan Evacuation Efforts

By Priya Sridhar, NBC 7 San Diego

December 19, 2021

SCOOP: Afghan aid groups meet with NatSec staff

By Sophia Cai, Axios

December 15, 2021

Veterans Leading Afghan Evacuations Demand Help From Biden and Congress

By Priya Sridhar, NBC 7 San Diego

December 6, 2021

Democratic Senator calls on Biden to appoint Afghanistan “evacuation czar”

By Jennifer Hansler and Drew Lawrence, CNN

November 30, 2021

What happened to the Afghanistan evacuation?

By Ben Fox, Associated Press

November 29, 2021

#AfghanEvac Coalition members travel to DC

By Laura Acevedo, ABC10 News San Diego

November 18, 2021

Secretary Blinken’s call with #AfghanEvac representatives

Press Statement, US Department of State

November 16, 2021

US urged to help more people escape Taliban led Afghanistan

By Ben Fox, Associated Press

November 15, 2021

Homeland Security Announces Immigration Fee Waivers for Afghan Evacuees

By Laura Acevedo, ABC10 News San Diego

November 9, 2021

Former Afghan translator rebooting his life in the US

By Steve Walsh, KPBS San Diego

October 8, 2021

I will save them myself

Podcast with Shawn VanDiver hosted by Michelle Kosinski and Sir Richard Dearlove, One Decision Podcast

October 7, 2021

USF Veterans Help Thousands of Afghan Allies

By Mary Mcinerney, USF News

September 22, 2021

Local Veterans Continue Work To Get Allies Out Of Afghanistan 

An interview with Shawn VanDiver by Andrew Bracken and Maureen Cavanaugh, KPBS

September 3, 2021

Trapped in Afghanistan, Rescued by Volunteers: How a Handful of Americans Freed 5,000 Afghans

By Ben Kesling in Abu Dhabi and Michael M. Phillips in Washington, Wall Street Journal

August 29, 2021

An army of veterans and volunteers organizes online to evacuate Afghans, from thousands of miles away

By Jonathan Baran, Alex Horton, and Elizabeth Dwoskin, Washington Post

August 26, 2021

In Kabul, Private Rescue Efforts Grow Desperate as Time to Evacuate Afghans Runs Out

By Dion Nissenbaum, Wall Street Journal

August 25, 2021

This Is What the Afghan Evacuation Looks Like on the Inside

By Arash Azizzada, New York Times

August 24, 2021

Afghan Americans in San Diego pressure Biden and Congress to act as Taliban takes over

By Kate Morriseey and Lauren J. Mapp, San Diego Union Tribune

August 22, 2021

A ‘Digital Dunkirk’ to Evacuate Afghan Allies

By Amy Mackinnon, Foreign Policy

August 20, 2021