Communications & Data Security

Below you can find information on communication, navigation, and internet security. This page will be updated frequently as we find more resources.

Communicating without Cellular Networks

What is mesh messaging or off-the-grid messaging?

Peer-to-peer networking systems that allows users to contact each other without relying on the cell or WiFi networks, or any other government-controlled infrastructure. This only works well at close distances (within 100m max) and works better when there are more individuals whose phones can be used to exchange information and expand that bubble of connectivity.

Platforms to use with/without internet

Bridgefy enables you to send offline messages without access to the Internet by turning on Bluetooth. (Android and iOS)

Signal Offline Messenger enables users to communicate without internet or local network in a range of up to 100 meters. (Android only)

FM Radio Apps uses a headphone cable to act as an FM radio antenna.

Briar does not rely on a central server; messages are synchronized directly between the users’ devices. (Android only)

Starlink is a satellite Internet constellation operated by SpaceX, providing satellite Internet access to most of the Earth.

Navigating without GPS Technology

Download Google Maps to your phone cache.

How to download a map to use offline

Ehtesab and other apps keep track of checkpoints via crowdsourcing. 

Consider sharing your location data with trusted individuals who are in safe areas so they can know where you are and where your last location was.

Internet Security